Environment & Sustainability

Environment & Sustainability Policies

Lejondal Castle

Economical responsibility:

Environmental work is integrated into the business plan and aspects related to sustainable development and the environment must be constantly taken into account in all decisions made, regardless of area and level.

Environment responsibility:

We think of quality and environmental aspects at every stage of our business and work purposefully and long-term to find solutions that reduce the impact on the environment. Our goal is to make our products and services as gentle as possible for health and the environment. This is done without sacrificing our quality requirements. Quality should be a natural part of environmental work. We are always open and clear that all employees at Lejondal Castle must follow our policy and guidelines.
We increase the awareness of our employees and stakeholders by constantly informing our policy, in order to pursue a sustainable business together. Our employees should feel pride, knowledgable, committed, and participated in environmental issues.
We are environmentally certified via the Swan and all employees, and externally hired staff, are informed annually about the environmental work of the business and what is covered by the Swan license. Each department receives information on what environmental improvements the business is working on. Information is given about the result from measurements concerning the limit values ​​and changes regarding routines for the Swan license.


We have functioning waste management and, as much as possible, the waste generated by the business is recycled.
Today we recycle the following:
  • Food waste
  • Hard and soft plastics
  • Newspapers
  • Cardboxes
  • Glass: colored and non-coloured
  • Batteries and light bulbs
  • Metal
  • Hazardous waste
  • Landfill
  • Garden waste

Garden waste:

Returned to forest and land for further decomposition.


We minimize the number of deliveries and plan our purchases well in advance.

Locally produced:

We work closely and mostly with local food producers. If that opportunity does not exist, we ensure that the producer is no further than 25 km from Lejondal Castle.


We strive to buy as many organic products as we can. The goal is to always have at least 12% organic products.


Most of our products are Swan certificated(Eco-labelled) or with other eco-labeling.

Energy consumption:

We use green electricity and heat the plant with a geothermal heat pump. We use halogen lamps where possible and motion detectors in public toilets.

Water consumption:

The water mixers for showers and sinks have limited water flow and all toilets are flushing toilets. From an environmental point of view, we also have no bathtubs. For the guests of the conference and the restaurant, we have our own water system with large glass bottles. Lakewater is used for the watering of the park.

Heat recycling:

We have heat exchangers in the ventilation so we take advantage of the heated energy.


We choose transport options with the least possible environmental impact when purchasing goods. We use neighboring companies such as Bålsta taxi and Håbo Buss to transport guests, and check that they use environmentally friendly fuel. We use electric cars in our day-to-day work.

Supplier Responsibility:

We review our suppliers and subcontractors’ policies to see that they are aligned with ours.


We buy environmentally friendly products and do not use disposable plastic products. At least 90% of tissue purchased must be eco-labeled with the Swan license (Nordic Ecolabel) or EU Ecolabels. At least 90% of printing paper purchased must be eco-labeled with the Swan license (Nordic Ecolabel) or EU Ecolabels. At least 50% of the total purchase of printed matter must be printed at a Swan licensed (Nordic Ecolabel) printing company and must also be Swan licensed. At least 12% of food and beverage purchases must be organic products. We review our suppliers and subcontractors’ policies to see that they are aligned with ours.

Social responsibility:

When purchasing for production and administration, we prioritize eco-labeled and cycle-adapted products and sort our waste. We take care of our properties and their maintenance with the greatest possible environmental considerations. We do not allow any discrimination at all, not racism, sexism, religion, disability, age. We ensure that food waste goes to those who are in need in the immediate area. We collaborate with Sisterhood in Bro to promote integration, employment for pensioners, the single and the unemployed. This organization promotes the well-being of those in need in Bro and its surroundings.

Employment and working conditions:

By being an open and responsive employer, we want to meet our employees’ thoughts and needs as much as possible and be a flexible workplace in scheduling and other planning. All employees must be able to balance their professional life and their leisure time for their own well-being, which is also for the good of the company. Prosperous employees provide a prosperous company! We have occupational health care for our own staff available if needed. Healthcare grants exist to promote staff health and well-being. When we feel that extra support may be needed for an employee, it is our duty to draw up an action plan.
We do not allow any discrimination at all, not racism, sexism, religion, disability, age.