Information about Covid-19

The development of the coronavirus, Covid-19, makes it a challenging and uncertain situation for everyone as it is constantly changing.

Lejondal Castle closely monitors the protocols and recommendations given by Folkhälsomyndigheten.

Limited opportunities for public gatherings and events

The Government has decided to limit the possibility of public gatherings and public events. The decision is valid from March 29 and the restriction involves a maximum number of 50 participants.

For Lejondal Castle, the decision means that we follow this and do not receive or organize gatherings of more than 50 people,read more information about the decision here.

Guests and staffs

No guests or staff who are infected with Covid-19 or have a fever or even a hint of cold may stay with us.


In order to minimize the risk of infection, we have taken the following measures:

  • Hand sanitizers are available in several places for guests as well as staff.
  • Breakfast is served on a well-composed plate directly at the table.
  • The guests are placed per company with a good distance apart and if possible in different rooms.
  • Guests who want a completely separate room or house for both accommodation, conference, and meals can be arranged.
  • No one who has a fever is allowed to stay with us and applies to both our staff and our guests.
  • Cleaning of hotel rooms, conference rooms are done with extra surface disinfection on most contacted surfaces such as table surfaces, shutters, door handles, stair rails, umbrella handles, remote control, switches, lamp buttons, lift buttons, keys.
  • The toilets are cleaned several times a day and surface disinfection is used on all contact surfaces.
  • We keep a certain distance to our guests and to each other.

Extra hygienic measures

We use silicone gloves both during preparation and when dealing with all food products. We now also have silicone gloves when we deal with the plates that are going out to the guests.



Lejondal Castle 2020-03-19